Fonzies Warning!

Fonzies Warning!
Play the songs loud! thats how they were intended to be heard! but dont come crieing to me if the neighbours complain. (Unless your cute!)

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Reverend Beatman


This here is a man called Reverend Beatman who owns his own record label in Switzerland called Voodoo Rythm. The bands that he signs play blues trash and primitive rock n roll. The Reverend himself has been in numerous bands such as Reverend Beatman and the non believers, The Monsters, and Lightning Beatman and the Church Of Herpes, He also plays as a one man band. For more information visit the website below.


Rie said...

Great blog Ben!

I love these 'vintage' (?) obscure bands/acts you're coming up with. How did you find out about them?

I can already see the links between your paintings and these 'characters' in some way. Almost like resurrecting the past, in colour....great!


Ben Edge said...
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sarah el said...

I want to leave a comment but was finding it really difficult to know what to say because in all honesty I never really listen or have listened to anything like the Rev. But it's great to listen to and know about him.

The only possible music I can relate to that I have heard once ever is Frank Zappa - but he's part of a completely different um, well, his music is completely different isn't it. I think its the voice actually that made me think of him. But if I listen to just the music without the lyrics then I can even go as far as Ike and Tina Turner? maybe?

Your blog is very interesting and enlightening! Thank you

Julia Tester said...

Really like the fact you have put music on your blog. I love The Loins. I saw some of Billy Childish`s oil painting straight on to rough wood at the Gardner centre in Brighton last year. It was all so unpretentious and honest, full of life,you couldn`t help but be drawn to it.