Fonzies Warning!

Fonzies Warning!
Play the songs loud! thats how they were intended to be heard! but dont come crieing to me if the neighbours complain. (Unless your cute!)

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Reverend Beatman


This here is a man called Reverend Beatman who owns his own record label in Switzerland called Voodoo Rythm. The bands that he signs play blues trash and primitive rock n roll. The Reverend himself has been in numerous bands such as Reverend Beatman and the non believers, The Monsters, and Lightning Beatman and the Church Of Herpes, He also plays as a one man band. For more information visit the website below.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

The Cramps live at Napa state mental hospital

This is some footage of the Cramps pushing the idea of a musical performance to a whole new level. Live in the Napa State Mental Hospital. The cramps have been making music since 1976, lead singer 'Lux Interior' and guitarist 'Poison Ivy' have been happily married for equally as long. For me they are one of the best bands around. Managing to combine the sounds of obscure 50's rockabilly with the visuals of B-movie horror flicks, and the smut and sleaze of sexual fettish wear!! I have also included a video for the song 'Like a bad girl should' so you can see the happy couple in action.

John Schooley and his one man band

This is John Schooley. He is the blues trash hero of the new century. He's a one man band and has the ability to play the Kick Snare, Hi Hat, Juce Harp , Guitar and Sing all at the same time. The reverend himself has spotted him for his primitive tallents and signed him up at Voodoo Rhythm.

Ivor Cutler

Last but not least! This is Ivor cutler who was a Scotish poet and musician and general genius. His songs have an absurdist humour to them but are also very phylisophical. I see him as more than a musician and in his own right an artist and this is why i have brought him to your attention. If you like his music you can get hold of his albums quiete easily.