Fonzies Warning!

Fonzies Warning!
Play the songs loud! thats how they were intended to be heard! but dont come crieing to me if the neighbours complain. (Unless your cute!)

Monday, 14 May 2007

The Mysterious Tape man!!!!

I begin with the cutting edge of surf music the mysterious tape man! unfortunatly I couldnt upload a clip so click on the link (question mark)!

The Mysterious Tape Man covers his face in tape, plays purely as a one man band and only records his music on a reel to reel and releases them on tape! He plays Surf instrumentals inspired by Link Wray! I have also included his myspace adress below!


This is Screaming Lord Sutch. And some of you may be familiar with him not just for his music but for political reasons. Screaming Lord Sutch is the man responsible for the Monster Raving Loony Party. The video I have included is for Jack The Ripper one of his cult songs (recently covered by The Horrors).

Ricky Nelson

This is Ricky Nelson playing Lonesome town which is somewhat of a legendary song in the rockabilly curcuit. With numerous bands (The Cramps, Reverend Beatman) revisiting the song. Bringing it to the attention of a new generation and as a homage to slick Rick.

Johnny Cash

This is the ultimate Rock 'N' Roll hero Johnny Cash performing live in San Quentin prison. Performing the song 'A boy named Sue' which is one of my favourites. At the time no one had ever done anything like this before, and without doubt I think it inspired the Cramps to perform live at a mental hospital which you can see further down the page!

Les Sexareenos

This is one of two Canadian Rock n roll group's that I have included. Here are 'The Sexareenos' with their music video for the song 'Everybody Sexareeno' the video was actually banned for it's explicit content and can only be watched on the internet.

Bloodshot Bill

This is canadian rocker blood shot bill banned from even entering the U.S.A Playing his song 'Il Know'. If you want to find out more about this wildman go to his website

Friday, 11 May 2007

The singing Loins

This is Kents finest and rawest medieval Folk music. Friends of Billy Childish, they play where ever and whenever they can, on the streets, pubs, kebab shops but in this case on siberian tv. I have seen them play a few times and supported them a few years back with an old band i was in. If you like em! they've just bought out a new album available in rough trade!!!