Fonzies Warning!

Fonzies Warning!
Play the songs loud! thats how they were intended to be heard! but dont come crieing to me if the neighbours complain. (Unless your cute!)

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

The Cramps live at Napa state mental hospital

This is some footage of the Cramps pushing the idea of a musical performance to a whole new level. Live in the Napa State Mental Hospital. The cramps have been making music since 1976, lead singer 'Lux Interior' and guitarist 'Poison Ivy' have been happily married for equally as long. For me they are one of the best bands around. Managing to combine the sounds of obscure 50's rockabilly with the visuals of B-movie horror flicks, and the smut and sleaze of sexual fettish wear!! I have also included a video for the song 'Like a bad girl should' so you can see the happy couple in action.

1 comment:

sarah el said...

How fantastic! and a wee bit bizarre in a good way.

Good choice of song to play in the hospital as well I think.

Better atmosphere when watching that video, then when watching TOTP2.